iPadding in Public

Sunny Had this amazing sighting at the magical hornings hideout in Oregon. Peacocks, trees, and iPads oh my!

This best man is joined in matrimony to his iPad. Thanks jake!

Why activitize in the San Juan’s when you can iPad. Thanks to Trevor for this shot on the telluride gondola!

ipadding at graduation!

Boat from Phuket to ko phi phi. Love that full arm extension, great form! From our senior SE Asia correspondent Evan.

A true act of civil disobedience. Thanks Eddie!

Occupy your iPad! This ironic find straight from sam in Seattle. Thanks!

Where’s Waldo ipadding? Haley spotted this one.

A rare case of iPatching in public. Nice work Dez Bryant.

It’s your birthday you can iPad if you want to. Happy birthday Griff!

Unashamed in all things, this man iPads hard in boulder. Thanks griff

ipadding in iPalestine. Brought to you courtesy of little evan our senior middle east correspondent.

This public ipadder made sure to math his glasses, bud light and iPad! Thanks for finding this gem Jake!

You’ve made it all the way through the line to get your hip pink box. The only thing to really set you over the edge is to break your iPad out in Voodoo Donuts, Portland.
Submission by Chris Sellers

Exercise your body and your iPad muscles at the gym. Liz is a natural when it comes to spotting ipaddage in the wild!

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